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Hp Mediasmart Server Ex470 Software Download Fixed

HP has sent along the message that many of you have been anxious to hear for quite some time now: the 3.0 software update for the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487 servers will be available later this week and will start shipping next week.

hp mediasmart server ex470 software download

The 3.0 software update DVD will be available to order beginning later this week, with shipments beginning next week. These optional updates are available to purchase for owners of our EX470/475/485/487 products who want to upgrade their servers to the latest 3.0 software that is shipping on the EX490/495 products.

I have a EX470. I just purchased a laptop computer with a 64 bit Windows 7 OS and I need input on software support to link to the media server as there is no downloadable software on the HP site and the installation disc does not work on Windows 7. HP tech support could not provide any information on the same. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks for your help.

@ Dave when you search for the UP Grade and the HP Site asks you which OS just select one of the Windows OS and it will bring you to where you need to be. I know its weird but thats the way its been since the 3.0 first was made available and to my knowlege its still that way as HP has never made an attempt to correct it. If you can not find it then please write back with your server model and I will be happy to send you the right link to get the software ordered.

Sheekamoo wrote:That's the thing... I never setup the sytem.I used the server restor CD from a client PC to re-format the Home Server back to it'd default settings. After that completes I need to use the connector CD to install the connector software so i can configure the server for the first time.The problem is, I don't have/can't find that CD. So I'm stuck with a server that won't let me log in and no way to setup the server with a login/pass (that I'm aware of anyways). ...the image file that i downloaded from ya tom didn't work... seems after putting the dvd image back together the server didn't like now i'm gonna need to get a complete DVD image or ISO somehow... and after fighting with the server i finally got the startup routine so here's what happen...i did the pin thingy and got the server to see the other pc...did the normal stuff untill the server started to read and install the dvd..then it gave me a unknown error when trying to install the IMAGE file... so maybe you know what that would be :) all i know is i'm prolly gonna need to get a complete copy of the DVD for the other cd's they worked fine :)

Microsoft and HP spent a lot of time and energy at the January 2007 Consumer Electronics Show getting people pumped up about their entry into the "home server" market. Microsoft handled the software end, extolling the wonders of its Windows Home Server (WHS), while the HP troops let people ooh and aah over the sexy design of its MediaSmart Server (MSS).


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