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Gann Square Of 12

W. D. Gann is acclaimed for publishing mysterious numbered wheels and diagrams used in his projections of price and time. The wheels and constructs Gann published represented "veiled reminders" of very powerful applications of the Law of Vibration which Gann previously taught orally to his students. Only by understanding the hidden mathematical precepts and Law of Vibration behind these wheels and "squares" can they be used successfully. Gann the wheels to be used within the context of his other tools, such as the trend-predicting Arcana, Cycles of Progression, and Top & Bottom Finder.

Gann Square Of 12

If you are looking for a Gann Wheel of 24 or Square of 9 to alone predict when the market will go up and down and to what price it will go, please stop wasting your time and money on Gann folklore. W. D. Gann used wheels and squares in a much different way than commercial practitioners use the ones he published. Special settings, based on the Law of Vibration, are necessary to narrow down precision targets.

The formula behind each wheel and square to accurately project price and time in each market and timeframe is broken down in detail in our "W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS" Training.TRADING WITH THE NUMBERED SQUARESClick the graph to the left to expand the back-testing results on AAPL stock intraday trades according to its numbered square for the first 7 months of 2022. Each stock or future vibrates to its own numbered square according to Gann's formula. AAPL has its own unique numbered square, derived by the objective calculation. The trading consists of a simple price-break each day.

W. D. Gann used the Wheel of 24, Wheel of 12, and the Square of 9 together. He has specific functions for each numbered wheel and square. Each arrangement involved tuning to the market and timeframe using the Law of Vibration, and considering which other technique Gann paired the squares and wheels with.

The lower blue line is where we would expect the first price resistance- the only real planetary opposition of the day. Now, let me underscore here that there is only 1 of these points, not 5 others. Situated very close to the 180 degree square of 9 reference, we would expect strong resistance here. Next, we find price 180 degrees opposite itself on the Wheel of 24 with the higher second blue line. Again, extremely close to the 270 degree Square of 9 point. We would also expect strong resistance here. Follow the same example, the next slide shows blue Wheel of 24 lines at the same identical resistance points on June 3rd.

Gann's projections integrated the numbered squares and wheels with the Law of Vibration; as Gann projected specific targets and bounces. Click here for our short target and bounce projections in advance of the market through the Black Swan Crisis.

"Numbered squares" is a term familiar to many market traders. These numbers are used to project the progression of financial market growth spirals, consequently defining the extent and duration of price movements. One of the most important numbered squares is the square of twelve, 144. Market Science - Volume I - Square Of Twelve shows how to identify and use the square of twelve in the soybean market. After reading this work, it will be clear why W. D. Gann wrote in his Master Courses, "The MASTER CHART is the square of 12."

Market Science - Square Of Twelve clearly shows that the elemental building block of the soybean market is defined by the square of twelve. Proof is provided with a detailed analysis of this market, since data was first recorded in 1913. Lesson XII - Vectorial Partitioning

Just a few of the topics addressed in this book include: use of the horizontal (price) and vertical (time) angles and how the "Price-Time Radius VectorTM (PTVTM)" defines their location, how price-time measurements made in the early stages of a growth spiral define the extent of movements decades later, how to use different data sources and time units to simultaneously arrive at an indication of trend change, celestial correlations with the square of twelve, ten clear signals the soybean market gave in 5/1994 that a major top had just been hit (the drop after this top was the largest in five years).

Each day is 24 hours, consisting of two 12-hour cycles of day and night. 12 squared, just so happens to equal 144. These numbers magically add up, subtract, multiply, and divide a variety of ways. For example, the divisor six of 60 minutes or seconds times 24 equals 144. Each degree broken down into 60 minutes and 60 seconds results in a sum of 3600 parts, which, as we know, is just one decimal place off from a perfect circle.

One of the most controversial techniques that Gann used is that he converted the price directly to zodiac degrees.[30][32][33] For example, if a commodity is trading at $120 per share, he would convert it to 120 of the zodiac, which is 0 Leo. If the price makes a major aspect (e.g. conjunction, trine, square, etc.), then it is believed that the price will reach a short-term top or bottom.

Gann described the use of angles in the stock market in The Basis of My Forecasting Method (1935). Calculating a Gann angle is equivalent to finding the derivative of a particular line on a chart in a simple way.[44] Each geometrical angle (which is really a line extended into space) divides time and price into proportionate parts. The most important angle Gann called the 1x1 or the 45 angle, which he said represented one unit of price for one unit of time. When one draws a perfect square and then draw a diagonal line from one corner of the square to the other, it illustrates the concept of the 1x1 angle which moves up one point per day.[45][15]

The Spiral Chart is a square matrix of consecutive natural numbers, in which the number 1 is in the central square, and other values spiral out from it.[18] The direction of the spiral is in counterclockwise, because Gann liked to overlay astrological charts onto the Spiral Chart, and most astrological charts spin counterclockwise.[32] It is worth noting that this chart is often mistakenly called the "Square of Nine" by modern traders, when the term was originally used by Gann to refer to another tool in his course.[9][8]

Very similar to the Spiral Chart, the Hexagon Chart is also a matrix of consecutive natural numbers, but the difference is that it starts with 0 in the central point, and the numbers spiral out in the form of a hexagon instead a square.[32] The spiral direction in Gann's original course is also counterclockwise, because of its astrological overlay.[33] Mathematically, the numbers in each additional layer represent the hexagonal numbers, which are the number of distinct dots consisting of the outlines of regular hexagons.[47]

Next, you mark on the new square the cells that correspond to the extremes, marked above. After that, like in the long-term forecast, you attach the figure, whose diagonals cross the maximum number of the marked cells.

To mark all the needed dates inside the studied zone, I need to increase the square size, so that in its lower left corner, there will be the date, further than the last date in the period, December 9.

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