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2 Amber Riley Kay Laura Annika Hana Catalina Staff Hiring Explore the manor on or just after day 2 (you should see the MC eating a sandwich). She will start work the following morning (requires the manor to be level 1). Explore the manor in the morning (you should see Amber in the lobby talking on her phone). She will start work the morning after she arrives (requires the manor to be at level 2). Renovate the fitness center and the maintenance room (requires the manor to be at level 2). She will start work later that same day. Kay will become sick and Micky will offer to renovate the healthcare facility for free (requires the manor to be at level 3). Explore the Forest Queen in the morning then in the afternoon (requires the manor to be at level 3). Explore the manor in the morning, then in the afternoon and again at night. Explore the Sheriff's Office. Explore the manor again at night, then visit the sheriff s office again during the day (requires the manor to be at level 4). Explore the city in the morning or afternoon (requires club renovation and the manor to be at level 5)..Bar.* Dutch beer = Heineken German beer = Warsteiner Scottish good stuff/scottish nectar = Scotch American nectar = Bourbon French good stuff = Cognac Cocktail with tomato juice = Bloody Mary Cocktail with some cranberry juice = Cosmopolitan Cocktail with some orange juice = Screwdriver Cocktail with rum = Mai Tai Cocktail with vodka = Cosmopolitan Beer, American brand = Miller High Life Cocktail with some tequila = Margarita Champagne = A glass of Brut Red wine = A glass of Merlot White wine = A glass of Sauvignon Blanc Some white wine = A glass of white wine Some red wine = A glass of red wine A French drink = Cognac American drink = Bourbon A cocktail with brandy = Sidecar Cocktail with gin = Negroni Cocktail with whiskey = Boulevardier

Mystwood Manor Free Download



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