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The B22 is a high quality, economical X style table base from the B series, and is our most popular restaurant table base. This table base features a 13" cast iron mounting plate with a 3" diameter steel column. The table base a commercial grade black powder coat finish that resists corrosion, and blends seamlessly in any, café, diner, bar, pub or restaurant dining areas. With four different heights available, Coffee table height, Dining height, Counter height or Bar height, the B22 has the versatility to support your various needs. The table base has a base spread of 22", weighs in at 18 pounds, and is compatible with round or square tops up to 30". It currently ships in 1 - 3 business days from Missouri, so you can be sure you'll have the bases you need, when you need them.

buy table base is a leading supplier of metal restaurant table bases for businesses and homes. Located in Northern California, we work with partners across the country to provide a huge selection of high-quality table bases for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Keep table tops secured to their bases with this 19 inch spider. for table bases with 3 inch and 4 inch diameter columns. Made of cast iron, it has a black, powder-coated finish that matches most cast iron table bases. This spider is built strong to evenly support even heavy table tops for years of use. Installation in between table tops and bases is simple and straightforward.

The P series table bases feature a bolt down design to permanently secure your table to the floor, and ensure excellent stability. Constructed of high quality steel, the P1F Black table base is finished with a textured black powder coat that resists corrosion, and integrates seamlessly for use in any indoor dining, restaurant, home or commercial environment. Four standard heights are available, Dining Height (28"), Bar Height (40 1/2"), Counter Height (34 3/4") and Coffee Table Height (18"), and the P1F Black table base can be custom cut if you need a specific height (please call to order custom heights). This table base features a 9 3/4" mounting plate with 3" diameter column, and is suitable for rectangular tops up to 24"x42", square tables up to 36" x 36", and round tables up to 42" in size. The P1F Black table base has a spread of 8" at the floor, and weighs 12 pounds. The in-floor mounting hardware is concealed by an attractive steel cover that blends with the column for a clean and simple look (floor anchors not are not included).

*Estimated delivery for the P series table bases is between 5-10 business days with standard shipping, depending on your shipping location. For complete lead time estimate or for rush orders, please contact customer service.

Please note, recommended table top sizes are for light to medium weight table tops at dining height. If you have a heavy table top, or are making a counter height or bar height base, you may need to use more than one bolt down base, or a different model.

This shapely and minimal, disk style table base from the Savile series is perfect for indoor use in any dining, restaurant, home or commercial environments. Featuring an 11" mounting plate and stiff, cast iron construction, this vintage inspired table base is perfectly matched to heavy table tops such as granite and marble. The Savile 22 table base has a commercial grade, black powder coat finish that resists corrosion and blends seamlessly in any, café, diner, bar, pub or restaurant dining areas. There are three weights available - up to 78 pounds - to suite various applications. With a height of 28" tall and featuring a 22" diameter spread, this table base is suitable for square and round tops up to 42". The Savile 22 table base currently ships in 1-3 business days from California, so you can be sure you will have the base you need, when you need it. *Note: Due to the Savile series's exceedingly strong cast iron structure, we are unable to cut or extend these table bases. If you require a table base that is taller or shorter than dining height (28"), please consider one of our other, excellent options.

Just like the name says, these posts are designed to bolt or attach to the floor, provide a secure connection and ensure the most rigidity for extended real world usage. Bolt down table bases ensure the greatest stability in permanent table installations.

These true stainless steel pieces offer great style and durability. These legs meet requirements for restaurants, bars, or breweries. Consider 304 grade stainless steel table tops if food safety is a concern, as there are no elements or chemicals in the metal that can seep into the food.

Pedestal Table BasesWe specialize in providing a variety of table base solutions for restaurants, businesses, and personal use. Our mission is to provide flexible table base options to help you create the perfect table to meet your needs. Our durable table bases are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes, and include pedestal table bases, table legs, and more. Our responsive customer service team is here to help identify the right table base for your project and answer all your questions.

To complete your table base project, we provide a variety of commercial quality table tops to meet your needs. Our table tops are designed to be easy to clean and durable enough to withstand heavy commercial use. Our clients find our solutions durable enough for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, and offices, yet stylish enough for residential use. We also provide modern table top options suitable for outdoor patios.

For our customers who desire a complete dining solution, we offer a wide selection of quality dining sets in various sizes and styles. We have options for indoor or outdoor use in commercial and residential settings. Designs such as colorful, powder coated steel table sets and glass table sets are perfect for adding a splash of style to your space. Most complete table and dining sets ship free and quickly within the United States (excluding HI & AK). Call us today for assistance in finding the right dining solution, our customer service team is happy to help! 041b061a72


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