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How To Use Code Wizard Pro 2 To Crack Any Software In Minutes

Code Wizard Pro 2: The ultimate tool for cracking heads and codes

If you are looking for a software program that can generate immobilizer PIN codes, mechanical KEY codes and dealer tool security codes for various vehicles made by most popular manufacturers, then you need Code Wizard Pro 2 (CWP 2). CWP 2 is the second and the latest generation of CodeWizardPro software that supports about 60 vehicle brands and provides the ability to perform various security functions of OEM software. In this article, we will show you how CWP 2 can help you crack any software challenge in minutes.

How to use Code Wizard Pro 2 to crack any software in minutes


What is Code Wizard Pro 2?

Code Wizard Pro 2 is a software program that runs on a Windows PC and requires a USB security dongle to work. It can calculate security codes for immobilizer key programming and electronic unit synchronization, mechanical KEY codes by VIN, passwords for Coded Access to security functions of OEM software and much more. CWP 2 is compatible with various diagnostic tools such as HDS, VAS, Tech-2, DiagBox, PP2000, Lexia, Proxia, Renault Clip, IDS, SDD, Nissan Consult, JCB Service Master, Techstream, DAS and others. CWP 2 also supports EEPROM Calculator that can calculate PIN codes by dump for different immobilizer systems. CWP 2 is the number one product in the world for coded access to security functions of vehicles.

How does Code Wizard Pro 2 work?

Code Wizard Pro 2 works by using advanced algorithms to calculate security codes from various inputs such as VIN, BCM code, ICU code, SEC code, ECM code etc. Depending on the vehicle brand and model, CWP 2 can provide different types of codes such as PIN code, KEY code, Incode/Outcode, Reprogramming Code etc. CWP 2 can also generate mechanical KEY cutting codes by VIN for some models. To use CWP 2, you need to connect your diagnostic tool to the vehicle and read the required data. Then you need to enter the data into CWP 2 software and click on Calculate button. CWP 2 will display the calculated code on the screen and you can use it to perform the desired security function on the vehicle.

What are the benefits of Code Wizard Pro 2?

Code Wizard Pro 2 has many benefits for locksmiths, technicians and car enthusiasts who want to crack any software challenge in minutes. Some of the benefits are:

  • CWP 2 supports a wide range of vehicles from different manufacturers and regions.

  • CWP 2 provides fast and accurate calculations of security codes.

  • CWP 2 is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

  • CWP 2 is constantly updated with new models and features.

  • CWP 2 has a low cost per calculation as it uses tokens that can be purchased online.

  • CWP 2 has a free demo mode that allows you to test some algorithms without tokens.

How to get Code Wizard Pro 2?

If you want to get Code Wizard Pro 2 and start cracking heads and codes with it, you need to visit and order your USB key with preloaded tokens. You will also get access to free updates and technical support. You can also buy extra tokens online if you need more calculations. CWP 2 is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to perform coded access to security functions of vehicles in a fast and easy way. 04f6b60f66


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