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High Love Chocolate 1906 Buy Online [HOT]

What do you get when you incorporate the sex-enhancing properties of weed with chocolate? The perfect aphrodisiac. High-end cannabis chocolatier 1906 introduced the first edible cannabis aphrodisiacs to the market in 2017, and I put both its classic High Love chocolates and newer espresso beans to the test. Before I go into the details, let's just say I need a bedside box of these for every night.

high love chocolate 1906 buy online


High Love chocolates combine a microdose (five milligrams of THC per gem and bean) of cannabis with natural, passion-inducing botanical ingredients from around the world, including muira puama (what 1906 deems as the "Viagara of the Amazon") and damiana (an ancient Aztec aphrodisiac). Unlike other weed edibles I've tried, High Love contains absolutely zero flavor notes of cannabis. In fact, I wouldn't have guessed that it was anything other than a delicious chocolate had it been a blind test. On top of tasting amazing, all of 1906's products boast a rapid onset time of 15 to 20 minutes, in comparison to the time it takes traditional edibles to hit (around 60 to 90 minutes). This is especially important since there's no better mood kill than having to wait an hour-plus for the chocolates to take effect when you're trying to get it on with your partner.

After trying both the gem-shaped chocolates and the chocolate espresso beans with my boyfriend on several separate occasions, we still couldn't determine how long it took for us to feel them. The effects of High Love were difficult to detect, which was a good thing, because rather than having it hit us abruptly, it was a gradual process that strengthened over time. But once you do know that you're high, it's a potent but not overwhelming full-body sensation.

Yes, yes, yes. Not only did High Love really enhance the sexual experience, but it was great for outside the bedroom, too. We experimented with different doses at the beach and on hikes (three were a bit too many) and found the high to be euphoric, relaxing, and clear-headed. Whether you're a couple looking to try something new or to amp up your sex life, or you're someone who wants to enhance solo pleasure, High Love will do just that and more. The consistent dosage in every chocolate and bean also ensures that you don't overdo it.

1906 High Love Beans are chocolate covered espresso beans with a stoney twist. These aren't as mouthwatering as other cannabis bean brands, but they get the job done in a far-from-terrible tasting way. Within an hour you should feel an arousing buzz and euphoric head high, but maybe also some dry mouth. This is a good bet for a day outdoors that wraps up with date night. 041b061a72


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