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Maplestory Wizet Patcher Download [TOP]

So this is the first time i install and launched the game, I click on maplestory.exe and the patcher pop up and start to run, but half way through, an error occurs and this pop up:Exception thrown in destructor (f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\filecore.cpp:111) ?? ?? ???(?) ?? ? ????.

Maplestory Wizet Patcher Download

my friend is having a trouble , maplestory auto closing after selecting character , he tried uninstall maple and install agn , he tried delete and download agn , his computer is window 7 32bit , Intel(R) G41Express Chipset

@Nimue:I would highly recommend you to use the direct download to the full client instead of using the recommended downloader. Reason being, many players have complained that their download is either stuck or would not startup right upon downloading via the Nexon downloader. For EU (Europe Players), download from this link:

I have tried but unsuccessful:1. Redownloading full client and reinstalling2. Download black cipher from Msea website and overwrite existing file3. Disabling anti virus4. Kill blackxchg process in task manager after starting maplestory5. Reformatting PC.

@Clos: Hmm, it did not occur to me when I test login with GMS v148, v149 and v150. Could you help try disabling Microsoft Loopback Manager to see whether it helps resolve the issue. Did you download the entire v149 client from official or patch it up from v148 to v149? If its the 2nd one, try running the patcher.exe to see whether its missing any patches. Currently GMS is now v150, so you will need another new patcher or try redownloading the entire MapleStory (it may take awhile but it reduces any issues with the patcher).

Hi Justin, I have uploaded the ijl14.dll on my website. You can download it at Use WinZip to extract the .dll file out and save it in your maplestory installation folder. Then try rerunning your manual patch file again.

1. After downloading the manual patch file, double-click on the patcher -> Select the folder where the game is installed. 2. For most users, the default folder is C:\Program Files\wizet\maplestory.3. *If you receive an error (canvas.dll is corrupt), please download from post bottom and replace.4. *If you receive an error (maplestory.exe not found), please select the correct folder.


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