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1914: Shells Of Fury Download PC Game

In 1914: Shells of Fury the player takes control over German submarines during World War I. As with most modern simulations the player has detailed options to set the realism level of the game and which parts he wants to do himself. This includes details like unlimited fuel or oxygen. Just like in reality most missions are to patrol a certain area. The story is told through briefings.

1914: Shells of Fury Download PC Game

1914: Shells of Fury uses DirectX 9, and I have been attempting to run it on my DirectX 12 PC. When at first trying to run it on my Intel HD integrated graphics card, the game looked fine but ran choppy. So I tried running it from my Nvidia card. The result of that was that the game ran smoothly but these black flashing lines would appear in the distance and the skybox wouldn't load properly.

WineD3D for Windows caused the blackout issue, and I think it's because they weren't written for my version of Windows. I downloaded the regular WineD3D exe and extracted the "d3d9," "libwine" and "wined3d" dlls from there using 7-zip. I dropped them in the game file and now I think it runs marginally better. I've also found that lowering the resolution of the game to the lowest setting helps as well, without negatively affecting the graphics quality (it's an old game so it won't look very pretty by today's standards anyway). I just wish there was a way to bump it up to smooth performance without compromising visuals.

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