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Chaotic Shadow Warriors

MajorTom is challenged to a CodeMaster Match against CodeMaster Crellan, despite having not yet one another seven matches in the Crellan Drome since their last match. After defeating CodeMaster Crellan in a one-on-one match, CodeMaster Crellan provides MajorTom the Super Scanner, which would be capable of projecting scanned Creatures as holograms. KidChaor manages to convince MajorTom to start off by getting a scan of Chaor in Fear Valley, but upon arrival, they find Ulmar, who is bent on getting revenge on Xaerv and a group of OverWorlders who had stolen BattleGear from him. Offering to help, MajorTom, KidChaor, ChaotiKween, and PeytonicMaster are given special BattleGear from Ulmar. MajorTom receives the Stone Shot, which provides him a boost in Power, KidChaor receives the Infernerator, which makes him Fireproof and provides him the Fire Element, ChaotiKween receives the Deluge-inary Diamond, which allows her to walk on water, and PeytonicMaster receives the Wind Funnel which provides him the Air Element and makes him immune to poisonous gases. As they search for Ulmar's BattleGear, the group encounters Danian and OverWorld Creatures with glowing red eyes and engage with the Super Scanner, though these Creatures, led by Dractyl, disappear as shadows after being defeated. Confused, the group makes their way to the Forest of Life to seek out Dractyl.

Chaotic Shadow Warriors


Sobtjek, Owayki, Malvadine, and Siado raid Bodal's Arsenal and steal a chest full of BattleGear, only to be pursued by Attacat. MajorTom, having recently been given the Super Scanner to test out by the CodeMasters, encounters Attacat in the Forest of Life, who explains the situation to MajorTom, with MajorTom offering to help in any way that he can. Together, the two are able to find what remains of the BattleGear, but much of it is still missing, and so Attacat asks that MajorTom seek out Dractyl so that he could help track down the Mipedians - discovering a Mugic Fragment in the process. Along the way, MajorTom engages with some of the Mipedians, only to discover that they're acting strange, have red glowing eyes, and fade away into the shadows after being defeated.

To explain WHY you are battling there is something about shadow duplicates of each major character in Chaotic running around doing evil things. However, everyone seems shocked and amazed by this even though Major Tom has the ability to create lifelike holographic duplicates of Chaotic creatures himself and have them fight for him. Eventually you discover who the main bad guy in and you defeat him and everyone goes back to hating everyone else even though they already were doing that.

ok if you want to know how to play the card game go to the site they can give you a starter deck for free so you can check it out and play online thats the best thing about chaotic is facing ppl online also they mostly expect fans to play shadow warriors i guess so they probly went at that angle i havnt played shadow warriors yet so cant say anything on that and btw the site is

Chaotic is a groundbreaking game in which players of the online game can go to the world of Chaotic (known as Perim) and scan the creatures and characters to use in virtual reality battles so players can be the creatures! One player, known as Tom Majors (voiced by Jason Griffith, the former voice of Sonic) is given a new scanner which can create live holograms of the creatures he scans. However, Battlegear is being stolen across the four tribes by strange shadow creatures that have glowing red eyes.

The player plays as Tom Majors. The player travels through various realms of Perim and helps many Creatures (residents of Perim) in quests in an effort to save Perim. Completing quests can give the player new scans to use in battle against the shadows. The environment is a 3D environment. 041b061a72


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