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Ambulance Simulator Online

Drive your ambulance across the city and help citizens get to hospital. Complete various ambulance missions as you roam around the stunning metropolis. Complete the ambulance missions and level up in your career. Become a real life hero and help the citizens of your city in need. Head over to the patient location give them proper treatment before putting them on a stretcher and then get them to the hospital as soon as possible. Are you ready to prove your driving skills? Prove that you're the real life hero and help patients in need with Ambulance Simulator!

ambulance simulator online


Ambulance Simulator is a free roam based game where you can roam in your cute and helpful ambulance throughout the city. You get missions as you are on road. You can either accept the mission or decline if you want to just drive the ambulance. When you accept the mission you are asked to go to the patient location where you have to get them ready for the hospital by giving them appropriate medication and putting them on a stretcher and driving them to the hospital as soon as possible.

The game is developed and presented by Best Free Games. The developer is known for their stunning games available to play for free in the web game market. With this game, They have offered a realistic ambulance simulation game. Where you get to know about the real life heros who actually help all citizens get cured.

The MAS is a value-added part of what students currently learn with mannequins that can simulate breathing, urination, bleeding, etc. EMC students practice how to deal with patients in an apartment or home bedroom scenario, take them down several flights of stairs and safely load them into the ambulance.

City Ambulance Simulator is a adventure online game that you can play for free on PC, mobile, iPad browsers. As a popular game in the adventure category, City Ambulance Simulator has received a 5-star rating from 90% of players. City Ambulance Simulator is made with html5 technology, developed and uploaded by , you can use it on PC and mobile network. Start to play unblocked City Ambulance Simulator game now at in fullscreen without download.

If you think City Ambulance Simulator is having fun for you, then you should definitely share DooDooLove City Ambulance Simulator with your friends. DooDooLove has a lot of adventure online games besides City Ambulance Simulator. The DooDooLove game is the best gaming companion for Poki.

City Ambulance Simulator is a adventure game developed by . It supports you to play online at DooDooLove. You don't need to download any app, you can start the game by opening any browser on ipad, PC or mobile phone. City Ambulance Simulator has been liked by a lot of players since its launch. I hope you can also like the City Ambulance Simulator game.

Emergency Ambulance Simulator is a driving simulation game. People injured in a traffic accident need you to save them and you will reach the accident scene from the hospital to transport them back to the hospital. Complete all levels and unlock more ambulances in the garage.

The simulator includes many aspects that a functioning ambulance would have. Features include a patient stretcher, an oxygen outlet, interior storage cabinets, a squad bench, a disposable sharps container, suction, and more. Students will be given the opportunity to practice tasks and procedures in an environment representing an actual ambulance workspace.

Ambulance Simulators enable Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals to realistically train for the unique challenges of patient care within a confined and mobile space. Ranging from simple environmental wallpaper coverings for static sim lab rooms to fully immersive simulated ambulances on moving hydraulic presses with realistic lights and sirens, ambulance simulation has quickly become a key component in educating and training EMS providers.

To further increase realism in the Ambulance Simulator, institutions, organizations and government-funded entities can invest in high-fidelity ambulance trainers. In late 2020, Harnett County EMS unveiled its new, state-of-the-art ambulance simulator, the Simbulance (SIM-1) at the Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. The unit is a joint partnership between Dunn Emergency Services, Harnett County Emergency Services, and Campbell University. The ambulance simulator is designed to allow paramedics to have a mobile ambulance utilized as a dedicated training environment.

DiaMedical, a medical device company, distributes a SimRig that provides EMS learners and educators with the ability to practice scenarios in an environment that represents the reality of the ambulance workspace. With the SimRigs Standard Diamond Plate Package, learners will have the realism and feel of an actual ambulance.

Simulator Solutions is an ambulance simulator company designed to help learners save lives. The company partners with educators to help their learners experience training scenarios that are as close to real life as possible.

The Silver Model is enclosed and allows learners to shut the doors and feel as though they are in a real ambulance, while allowing external viewing through an audio / video feed. The educator is able to hear, speak to and view the learner as they perform their scenarios. A classroom monitor enables the learners to watch the scenarios as they play out.

Players are ready to overcome challenges and unlock hundreds of levels through new driving games. The ambulance has completed various missions in this game. Collect driving skills and explore our new game space today. Countless players have chosen the list of games to pass. It's time for you to drive and do good deeds. You've always wanted to take this journey out in real life. Do good and help the people in the city. Accidents happen all the time in our lives. You always want to fulfill your dream of driving and becoming the best through every journey.

What is the play that you have today? Share online game skills with other players. We make it easy for you to explore every journey in your spare time. Don't miss out on new ways to play to complete each special mission. Solve each game and complete every mission at What skill would you like to take on today? We help players join new online driving games in their spare time. Explore the 3D version of the game and complete the city challenges. Look for more driving games we have like Car Parking Pro and Bus Parking City 3D. Be the best racer in the city.

Christopher Mundell, an EMT student, said that only about three people can fit in the back of an ambulance, including the patient, so there is limited space for an instructor to guide students through each lesson and scenario.

Bush said the simulator allows students to get comfortable with being in the cramped back of an ambulance and to know where the equipment is before transitioning to practicing in the ambulance outside, where students also will have to adjust to a moving ambulance.

MTC purchased the ambulance simulator using the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century grant, which is a federal grant. The simulator was constructed three months ago, just in time for the new group of EMT students.

  • Play City Ambulance Simulator freeAre you looking for a ambulance game to play online for free? Then here on we just added this 3D realistic emergency ambulance game where you become the ambulance driver in these hard days with the great epidemic of COVID 19. As a skilled driver, you will attend also car accidents or any emergency hospital rescues. To play the game use only the arrow keys to drive and balance the ambulances around the city streets. To slow the ambulance just press the spacebar or the down arrow keys that will stop the vehicle. Use the minimap to see where you have to get in the fastest time, use the ambulance siren to alert the other drivers that you are on an important mission. There are 10 levels available in the game and each level has more missions you need to complete. But what is great in this ambulance game unblocked is that you have access to all the levels, meaning you can play the ones you like, just select and hit that play button. Enjoy driving and improve your driving abilities to become the best ambulance driver in the game. Play City Ambulance Simulator onlineThis City Ambulance Simulator unblocked game gives you the possibility to transport injured persons from accidents to the hospital. What is nice is the game is developed with WebGL technology meaning the game will work perfectly on any old and new browsers. You can enjoy smooth and easy controls because of the very optimized 3D graphics in a low poly style, and also the realistic ambulance driving physics. Besides all of these, there is the city, with buildings, roads, traffic, cars, humans walking around, added this will make one of the best ambulance games for free you can enjoy in 2020. Race against time while improving your abilities behind the wheels improve your driving and parking skills and have a blast here on, City Ambulance Simulator it's one of our top trucks and driving games classified in our simulator category with games offered free on our website.How to play City Ambulance Simulator game?Use the mouse to navigate through the interfaces, choose the colors of your ambulance between yellow, blue, and red. Then select the levels you want to play on. There are then levels and all of them are unblocked, as you press the play button you are transported into the story of the game where you see an accident in progress on an unknown street. When the siren starts it means you must start the rescue mission, use the minimap to guide your ambulance to the extraction point or the accident location. Try to be fast time is limited, and also try to no cause any accidents while driving there. Do your best in this ambulance hospital game and if you like this make sure you play other similar games like Ambulance Rescue Game 2019 and Ambulance Rescue Highway Race. Good luck and have fun!Release DateThursday, Jun 04, 2020DeveloperCity Ambulance Simulator it's developed by Mind Games. But you can play the game online for free on browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.Content ratingEveryone, Pegi 3FeaturesEnjoy one of the most realistic 3D ambulance driving from 2020

  • Low poly 3D graphics with a large map to explore.

  • Ten different levels each one with different missions.

  • You can change the color of the ambulance.

  • Realistic ambulance physics.

  • Nice ambulance siren.

More Information About City Ambulance SimulatorHave fun with one of the coolest driving and parking games with car ambulances where you need to drive fast and rescue people from an accident. City Ambulance Simulator it's developed with WebGL technology and will work perfectly in all modern. Enjoyed these awesome ambulance games unblocked and have a blast online. Good luck!WalkthroughMake sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play City Ambulance Simulator for free on


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