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How Sneha and Saravana Stores Owner Became Friends and Colleagues

Sneha is a leading actress in South Indian film industry and is of Telugu origin whose family hails from Panrutti in Tamil Nadu. Some of her major films include Autograph, April Madhathil and Vasool Raja MBBS with Kamal Haasan. Sneha is the one of the few actresses in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies who refuses to take up glamourous roles, as she believes that her 'homely roles' are appreciated by all South Indian audience. She acted in several Tamil and Telugu movies. She also acted in two Malayalam and Kannada movies.Sneha, began her film career in 2001 film Malayalam film as a supporting artiste, however her major breakthrough came later that year in a Tamil language film, Ennavale opposite Madhavan. Later that year, she starred in the successful venture, Aanandham as well as a prestigious project for K. Balachandar in Parthale Paravasam, she finished the year with a foray into Telugu cinema, making two appearances in notable films.In 2002, Sneha broke into the "big league". Unlike many other top actresses of her time, her acting was praised, and was likened to a modern day Revathi Menon. A total of 8 films, were released including her first major hit in Telugu with Hanuman Junction as well as other hits in Unnai Ninaithu and April Madhathil. Prestigious films with top actors also followed, such as King and Pammal K. Sambandam with Vikram and Kamal Haasan respectively.After a successful previous year, Sneha became more aware with her choice of films, with only two releasing in 2003. The first being with a big actor, Vijay in Vaseegara, the second being a heroine-orientated double role in Parthiban Kanavu. The film became a commercial hit as well as winning plaudits for Sneha's portrayal of the double role.2004 was a mixed year for the actress, with Jana, Bose, Venky and Adhu, a horror film, all failing at the box-office. However, Vasool Raja MBBS opposite Kamal Haasan became a commercial success, while her guest role in Autograph, another successful project, was praised. But this year brought her lot of controversial problems, due to her sexual affair with the son of the owner of famous Saravana Stores, chennai.Though she has acted in many Telugu films, the success of K Ragavendra Rao-directed mythological movie Sri Ramadasu (2006) helped Sneha to firm up her foothold in Telugu cinema. Her role in the movie, steeped in the bhakti culture, was well appreciated by moviegoers. Meanwhile, her Mollywood flick with Mammootty, Thuruppugulan (2006), was also a big hit. In Pudhupettai (2006), Sneha as a battered and bruised prostitute is a revelation.

Actress Sneha With Saravana Stores Owner

2004 was a mixed year for the actress, with Jana, Bose and Adhu, a horror & thriller film, all failing at the box-office. However, Vasool Raja MBBS opposite Kamal Haasan and her Telugu film Venky became blockbusters, while Autograph was a box-office hit which won critical acclaim.

The years 2005 and 2006 were good for the actress, with Telugu films like Sankranthi with Venkatesh, Radha Gopalam with Srikanth, Sri Ramadasu with Nagarjuna, and Thuruppu Gulanwith Mammootty and Pudhupettai with Dhanush winning plaudits at box office, while others released in the respective years turning as average grossers at the box office. With Thuruppu Gulan she paired with the Malayalam mega Star Mammootty. In the year 2006, she made her debut into Kannada film industry through Ravi Shastri. With that she covered all the South Indian languages.The year 2007 was good for the actress. She had Naan Avanillai and Pallikoodam turning out to be super hits, while her Telugu films Madhumasamand Maharadhi turned out to be average grossers at box office.

2009 was totally different for the actress with the Social thriller film Achchamundu Achchamundu with Hollywood actor John Shea appearing in a villainous role with Prasanna as her pair. Then she had Amaravathi, again a Thriller film of different Genre. Both won many plaudits for the bold theme of Pedophiles and Womb stealing, respectively. The former film won many awards in the International Panorama and the later grossed average at Box Office.

Saravana stores owner Saravanan, who became popular by appearing in TV commercials shot for his store, will now be making his debut as an actor and a producer in a Tamil cinema soon. The announcement came on Sunday following a puja that was held at AVM Studios in Vadapalani, Chennai.

Parthale Paravasam !If you were to conduct a survey among the young Tamil speaking women incountries like the US, Malaysia and Singapore (and not just in Tamilnadu), tofind out who their favorite actor is, chances are, more than 75% of them wouldvote for Madhavan. Why? Let's analyze.Before 'Alaipaayuthey', young Tamil women had to choose their heartthrobs fromthe list of Vijay, Prashanth and Ajith. It all changed the day 'Alaipaayuthey'hit the theatres. Since then, the waves were all directed only towards Madhavan.According to theatre owners, Madhavan films are the ones that most young womenflock to. They say that this is the unofficial truth. Even after the arrival ofShyam and Shrikanth, the Madhavan wave is yet to subside. That's why though allhis films after 'Minnalae' and 'Dum Dum Dum' had flopped miserably, he stillremains popular. Not only Tamil; he has two Hindi films with him too.Before he was launched in Tamil, he was introduced in a Kannada film called 'ShantiShanti Shanti', before that, he had worked in some Hindi teleserials (in oldendays, theatre plays were the training grounds for actors. Nowadays, its TV!).Its difficult for moustache-less actors to make it big in Tamil cinema. Abbascouldn't repeat his success after 'Kaadhal Desam'. But, the college dames don'tseem to mind the fact that MAdhavan doesn't have a moustache.Cartoonist Madan once mentioned in Aanandha Vikadan magazine that after MGR,Madhavan is the only one who managed to sway the audience with his smile. He isright. Madhavan was the one to destroy the myth that only a beautiful girl'ssmile sets the spring in full bloom. He was the one to show us that even guys'smile could be equally beautiful.Madhavan's unassuming good looks and the romantic hero characters that he playshad been some of the reasons why women fell madly in love with him. In spite ofhis fan following, when he attempted to do some heavy roles in 'PaarthaleyParavasam' and 'Kannathil Muththamittaal', they flopped miserably. That broughthis position a bit down.The verdict is clear- women want to see Madhavan doing the kind of roles he didin 'Alaipaayuthey' and 'Minnalae'. According to the director of 'Minnaley',Goutham, there were only two reasons why the film turned out to be such a hugehit- the fabulous music of Harris Jeyaraj and the fact that Madhavan was thehero.Women generally don't like the heroes who go about romancing the onscreenheroines with kisses and love plays. Probably that was the reason why Kamal isbetter known as a performer than as a romantic hero. 'I shall never give alip-to-lip kiss to my onscreen heroines. This is an order from my homeminister,' says Madhavan. Another reason for his immense popularity among womenis the fact that he wouldn't indulge in any of those cheap titillating gameswith his heroines onscreen.These days, it is as common to hear the 'Oh! I love Madhavan' statement as it isto hear Tanglish. 'One ahs to search real hard to come across a girl who doesn'tlike Madhavan,' says computer programmer, Hema. 'Isee the spunk of Shahrukh Khan and the craze of Hritik Roshan in him. Do youknow, even my mom likes him,' says Amritha, an Accounts student.'If Madhavan is going to be online for a chat, then my friend and I log on tothe site without fail. Chatting with someone you like is like a dream come true.Hey, do you know that some girls have all the information about his new films onthe tips of their fingers?' says Sudha, a friend of Amritha's.'God! He should not have done films like 'Ennavalae' and 'Paarthale Paravasam'.When you are enjoying Madhavan, you naturally expect the story to be along thoselines too,' drooled Sudha, with million watts happiness on her face.'Ennavalae' director Suresh says that it's surprising that the fact thatMadhavan was a married man even before 'Alaipaayuthey' happened, didn't affecthis image at all. 'Madhavan had spent his youth pursuing good education and hisinterests in diverse fields. The perfection that he had acquired there reflectsin his acting too. Why else would he appear in three of Manirathnam's films asthe hero?' says his mom with pride.Madhavan's was a love marriage. You'd be surprised to hear the story behind it.Those days, he was conductin consultation classes for the students. Saritha hadheard rave reviews from her friends about his looks. She turned up to see thingsfor herself. Soon, she began appearing everyday. She used to occupy the firstbench to simply get a good look at him, she said.In order to avoid unnecessary gossips, Madhavan used to introduce his co-starsto his wife Saritha and get friendly with them. This way he avoids gossips andsuspicion at home and he is able to be friends with his female co-stars. 100%true.In our industry, there is a practice to come up with the 25th day posters thatproclaim the undying support of the womankind for the film. In Madhavan's case,it was not necessary at all. With his very first Tamil film, he became thecollective Casanova of all the young women. The people who wait impatiently forthe release of his next films like 'Run' and 'Anbae Shivam' are invariably youngwomen. (Sigh) Madhavan is one lucky dude. He is the Krishna of all the gopikas.May he continue his dream like life.

Today she was seen in AVM studios as she was endorsing Nisha fairness creams. The actress who has taken a break from films after Bhavani was looking gorgeous in her yellow salwar kameez. Her next Tamil film will be with Sundar. C and it is a remake of Rajinikanth's Murattu Kaalai. She has also got the lead role in Vidiyal with Sarath Kumar. In addition to this, she has a Telugu film with Nagarjuna.


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