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next tab: "click on the simulator" button. use your mouse to scroll the cursor on the map (if you have a mouse with scroll button). drag the cursor to hover the spot where you want your wind turbine. the percentage of wind that will pass your turbine will be displayed in percentage. to get exact numbers, use the mouse wheel (or multi click) to zoom on the map and click on the location to get the wind's speed (it doesn't change, just the size of the mark on the map).


now you'll be able to generate your data (with your mouse). but don't expect to be able to build a perfectly cost-effective wind turbine. to be cost effective, you can limit your turbine to a rated capacity (like 10 or 12 mw) to do so just select the size of the blade in 2d menu: file> wind turbine> size limits in 2d. define the limit in the limit box. you'll then get an alert to fix the limits design error. choose design and re-open your wind turbine to see the blades.

text is 1/2 (1/2) of the normal size. text can be 4-bit or 6-bit. after version 7.0, the hunk.proto file was added to enable data types for specialized properties. normally, this is not required, but since autodesk apps should generate similar data types to the ones automatically included, it was added. be sure to check that the generated script is correct and load it to see if data type definitions work.

  • autocad lt 2015 includes the following updates: sketchup support for autocad lt 2015

  • initial support for the autocad oem 2015 design system layout (dstl) file format

  • redesign of the drawing painter interface in autocad lt 2015


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