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Full Version Free Download Bookworm Adventures

the game has five mini-games. the first is spelling. the spelling mini-game shows you the next letters to build a word based on their environment. the game automatically gives you hints, but sometimes you need to guess. the mini-game gives you points for each letter that you collect, and if you complete the mini-game you get an extra game point.

Full Version Free Download Bookworm Adventures


the second mini-game is word scrambling. you are allowed to use five tiles for this mini-game. the tiles can be placed in any order on the game board, and a word is built from them. you are given five tiles at the beginning of the game. you can either build from the ones you are given, or move tiles from one set to another. the game gives you hints for each word.

this game was built by the same guys who created bejeweled and popcap's smash-hit series of games, plants vs. zombies. these are some of the best puzzle-based games around. bookworm adventures is just like those games, only better. it's got some simple game mechanics: form words to make them into a super-weapon, then shoot the enemy with that. you'll need to use all 25 letters in each grid to do so, and there's even a secondary mechanic where words can be used on the grid to make a higher-powered version of the word. it's just like they used to make, only better.

bookworm adventures is a sequel to a quirky, charming puzzle game called bookworm. in that game, you manipulate a tiny blue worm through various sci-fi worlds from the flash gordon universe. by spell-forming words, you must smack around evil creatures such as robots, monsters and evil monkey cops. as you solve mazes and riddles to progress, you can earn points to trade for levels. bookworm adventures takes this one step further. you now control the titular bookworm, a sesquipedalian worm that runs at lightning speed through a library. only now, the worm no longer has any of the powers that bookworm granted him in bookworm, but you can level-up his vocabulary so that it can strike evil with much greater force. this sequel is much more focused than the original. it plays more like a side-scrolling platformer with puzzles than it does a novel puzzler with a level-up system. your words still influence the outcome of battles, just in a more limited way.


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