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Basher Geography: Countries Of The World: An Atlas With Attitude ((EXCLUSIVE)) Free 18

This brand-new addition to the Basher range of books offers a unique and exciting way to explore the world. Basher Geography: Countries of the World features a different take on the traditional atlas approach and will capture the imagination of readers with its quirky and highly memorable characters to visualize the world's countries (and other key territories). You'll never forget the huge and fascinating country of Brazil envisaged as a footballer! Accompanying each country character is a detailed map as well as key facts and some amazing information. Who knew that over 820 different languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea, or that Peru has more pyramids than Egypt?

Basher Geography: Countries of the World: An Atlas with Attitude free 18

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I am a regular watcher of Front Lines and NPR listener for over 30 yrs. and I learned a lot . But Escaping Eritrea ,is full of recycled lies , defamatory and debunked in 2015 . How CPB was blind sided of its responsibilities of TRUE and Unbiased contents . The Eritrean people and government work hand in hand to develop their country .It receives limited rain and prone poor harvesting or famine .Eritreans built numerous Dams the size of west Phila' and feed its people without outside assistance , has free education pre K to University .95% of its people drink clean water and have electricity , maternal-child death to 5% ,stopped genitalia mutilation . COVID19-.Everything was on lock down for 1 yr. Infected came from neighboring countries . Total 3600 infected ,3200 treated successfully ,400 in hospital and 10 fatalities .

This comment is directed to Mr. Rupert Allman, executive producer at NPR's 1A. This used to be a very informative radio show. Former hosts, Diane Rehm and Joshua Johnson, would engage with their guests by asking thought-provoking questions. While that may have been the case today (11/11/2020), when the discussion centered around upcoming vaccines for COVID 19, it certainly was not the case the previous two days. This past Monday, the host did not engage with the guests by asking any question of substance. As a matter of fact, she just gave free rein to the guests. This is especially true of the female guest (an academic from a local state university) who dismiissed statements by the show's listeners regarding their assertions on moral compass. This is the kind of attitude that gives the acedeme a bad rap for snobbery. Unless there is a substantial change in the way the host is supposed to interact with the guests, I'm afraid 1A will not have too many listeners. 076b4e4f54


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