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Iboot 2.6 Iso Free Download !!BETTER!!

the next example shows an easier way to overwrite any memory. to overwrite 0x7f030000, bootloader needs to pull up the address register and the address-value registers are loaded from the iboot kernel. in order to force the boot-up by the iboot to write 0x7f030000, we have to interfere with the bootrom kernel a bit. when boot-up is finished, bootrom address register will have the value pointing to the current code address.

iboot 2.6 iso free download

the easiest way is to override is the bootrom version number. the following code shows the ease of overriding the bootrom version number. the bootup firmware checks that the bootrom version number is not greater than the value in bootup. and if it is, it exits bootup with an error message. at the end, it updates bootrom with the value of the bootrom version number that was passed as a parameter.

this is the simplest way to write to any memory. now we have successfully installed our custom version of iboot. let us write some memory. in the new iboot version.0 iboot base is loaded from file 0x7f010000. write to 0x7f050000.

borrowing from the iso specification, we can easily download and place the bootloader inside the disk image. writing to the memory will be updated here. the bootup checks that the file was successfully downloaded, copied and written to the disk. if all is ok, then it enters the execution of the bootup function. now we can choose the memory address to be written. we could choose random location if we wanted to but, we are going to overwrite the magic header of iboot image. so iboot will load it as image, and we are going to load it as payload.


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