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METAL SLUG 1st 2nd MISSION Double Pack Switch... ^HOT^

SNK has released a new double-pack on Nintendo Switch featuring classic Neo Geo Pocket Color titles Metal Slug: 1st Mission and its sequel Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. The two handheld favorites were available exclusively as part of the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection compendium, but can now be purchased together from the Nintendo eShop for around $15.

METAL SLUG 1st 2nd MISSION Double Pack Switch...

Gameplay here is similar to the arcade counterparts, but there are some big differences. You still run through each mission blasting all the baddies with a variety of weapons and saving POWs. The major change here is each of these games has a lot more missions than arcade titles. The first game has around 17 missions and the second one has double that. There are multiple routes out of certain stages and in Metal Slug 2nd Mission of the two characters has their own unique weapons and missions. Another thing to note is getting your vehicle blown up will not end the mission. You will be taken to alternate route instead. I really enjoyed this since it gave each game some replay value.

METAL SLUG 1st & 2nd MISSION, a double pack of the Neogeo Pocket Color versions of METAL SLUG 1st MISSION and METAL SLUG 2nd MISSION, has become available, exuding an extremely retro aura, inferior graphics, and the same shooting action that only hardcore fans and lovers of nostalgia are sure to appreciate. 041b061a72


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