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Tacho Pro 2008 Update Software Download

Digiprog 3: it can update, once the newest software is released, if you want to update, send the supplier serial number and they will send you an updating software. Steps: Connect the USB to the computer, start dp3run Digiloader1.exe; Choose the right port, select Digi1.bin,click the button, then dp3 enter blue screen, if dp3 dose not enter blue screen, check the setting and restart from step 1; wait it process end, if the power supply disconnect, the unit will be damages.

Tacho Pro 2008 Update Software Download

Download File:

Tacho Universal 2008.01 Update & Repair kit is for Tacho Pro 2008 odometer correction tool is a magical toolTacho Universal V2008.01 Update& Repair Kit can repair the following troubles: Screen display: Diga update and RESET, No display after powered on, No vehicle list, screen display black strip, Frequently Halting. Screen display both the following: update handheld and the machine cannot read EEPROM.

Please take easy to download our available attachments, these downloading link don't contains attacking virus,they are safe to your cumputer. If the anti-virus software test any of our attachment (especially .exe .zip .rar) containing virus,take easy, please uninstall or exit anti-virus software before download files, otherwise these .exe .zip files may be attacked/broken before you run them.

Q: Can I update Tacho Pro 2008 July version? Can Tacho Pro 2008 be connected with the computer?A: 1) No, Tacho Pro 2008 can't update, after power on, don't select "Update". 2) Do not connect with the computer. Otherwise, the screen will display "Reset" as shown bellow, then the Tacho Pro 2008 mainframe need to back to us for repair.


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